Machines and Types

Machines and Types

Coffee, for many people around the world is an energizing drink, as caffeine boosts the system of your body. Many people cannot imagine starting their day without the cup of coffee and for this purpose a lot of them have a coffee maker in their home, like people in UAE. And coffee machines of UAE are of good quality. So what is a coffee maker and how does it work? Here is all what you need to know about coffee maker.

A coffee maker or a coffee machine is a cooking appliance which you can use to brew coffee. There are many types of coffee makers which uses different principles and methods to brew coffee. However, the most commonly used method is that of placing coffee grounds in a metal filter that is found within the funnel. This is basically placed on a ceramic or glass coffee pot that has the appearance of a kettle. After the coffee grounds are placed cold water is poured in a different chamber which is then heated up to boiling point.

Types of a Coffee Maker:

  • Vacuum brewer is the oldest type of a coffee machine. It was the point where coffee makers were first introduced as a machine. It was invented in early 1800s.
  • Another type of coffee maker is percolator. The percolators were developed in mid of 1900s, after the vacuum brewer were faded and considered old. They percolators were developed in France and used electricity.
  • Then there comes the Moka pot, which was a stove-top coffee maker. It was invented around the same time, when percolators were developed.
  • Electric drip coffee makers were the first drip coffee machines that used electricity. It can also be called a dripolator.

Vending Machines:

For those who don’t know, vending machines are basically automatic systems that provide a range of items upon having a coin or credit card inserted in to the dispensing machine. The items include beverages, snacks, cigarettes and lottery tickets. It is widely used in many countries for various purposes. Just like coffee machines, the vending machine in Dubaiare developed and advanced.

Types of Vending Machine:

There are quite a few types of vending machines some of which I will be sharing today:

  • Cigarette vending
  • Food and snack vending machines
  • Candy and gumball vending
  • Full line vending. Now this is a kind in which various vending machines can be placed.
  • Newspaper vending, etc.