Future of Schools

There was a time when running schools, colleges and universities or any education institute for that matter was a good business. But ever since the breakout of coronavirus has spread in the world, this has become the most difficult business to handle. Since schools can be the biggest source of corona virus to spread and it can attack students of young age and teachers who are of old ages. But the British school in Doha says that if you want to give your kid a bright future even in this pandemic, it is best that you pay attention that they never skip an online class.

From high school to kindergarten school in Qatar, all educational institutes are making sure to give maximum level and same level of education to their students as if they were in class. But the future of schools will change very drastically.

The Evolvement of Elementary School

There are two prepositions, either to make a single class a duration of more than nine months or complete a class in less than nine months. Some say that fast and accurate studies should be promoted whereas, some say that researching and the ability to find out answers should be promoted. By keeping the situation of the world in view, both are good for the kid’s knowledge and it will enhance the brain functioning as well but only the time can tell what will be decide but these two things are for sure.

New Assessment

Assessment of students seems like a scientific experiment. One can never tell what kind of study will affect the student in what way. The way of assessments always improves and each time new kind of data is drawn from the provided information.

More Academic Content

Not only more but to the point academic content will be added in the books. Other than traditional books, the theme and the structure of study via books will be changed forever. Instead of long stories, there will be short and precise history, about the current technology and the future of the subject will be discussed.

Entrepreneurial Culture

We don’t know what will be the future of jobs keeping in view about the current situation of the world, so it is best that we teach our kids about the benefits of starting their own business and how they can help other people get jobs.