How to Burn Max Fats in Less Than a Month?

If you’re looking for an effective fat-burning method, you can accomplish your goals quite easily by working out at an EMS gym in Dubai. An EMS gym has the possibility to trigger extreme fat burning activity, not only during, but even right after a training session. Exercise in this condition increases the body’s metabolism and causes rapid loss of fat from the body. When a trained individual works out in this condition, it is possible to increase physical performance and endurance to a greater extent than ever before. The physical workout routines at an EMS gym can be performed in cardio styles such as swimming, cycling and rowing.

The Power of Cardio and EMS Combined:

Cardio exercises are great for improving cardiovascular efficiency and improving the overall health of a person. They also help in strengthening the heart and keeping the muscles healthy. But these types of exercises don’t have the same effects on individuals who are physically obese. It was discovered that obese people couldn’t obtain the same benefits from cardio workouts as other individuals. This is because the electrical impulses triggering the electrical stimulation caused by EMS machines are too large in magnitude for the fat cells to respond appropriately.

The Obese People Can Lose Fat in Fewer Days:

To make up for this gap in the stimulus, fitness experts designed EMS body training in Dubai targets the obese. The difference in stimulation effect is brought about by the frequency and intensity of electric impulses that are used during the workout sessions at an EMS gym. In case of exercising with traditional methods, the intensity of the workout can be adjusted according to body weight. But obese individuals cannot do that, as their body mass index (BMI) prohibits them from performing such workouts. By incorporating an EMS machine that provides a constant and high intensity stimulation, they can now get the full benefits of an exercise program.

Exercises Included in EMS:

The workout programs performed at the EMS gyms target the upper and lower body. This includes exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, chest and arm press, and shoulder press. During the warm-up and cool down periods, cardiovascular exercises like sprinting, cycling, running, and aerobic dancing are performed. These activities are combined with effective muscle workouts, such as sit-ups, leg extensions, and crunches. All of these exercises are done for a period of 22 minutes. After the exercise, the participant can drink water or can simply cool down.