How to Sell Art

When someone gets enrolled in beginner painting classes, the minute they step out of the class, other kids shout out that they will remain poor and they will homeless soon or saying that being a painter will not get you a proper job. But those were the old gone days, and there are now different ways of selling a painting. These things put the artists in dismay and they are left with no options but to quite their dreams and do what they are not interested in.

If you are about to become a painter, an artist or a sketcher then we suggest that you ignore the small talk and read the remaining of our post, as here we have mentioned the easy ways of selling art. The first thing you have to do is specify about the art piece, let us say that if it was made by paint by numbers, or acrylics or by any other paint, you must specify each thing. It intrigues the clients and makes them buy an art piece that has more details in it rather than just the painting.

If you are done with that then you can put your art piece in online art gallery. This thing has become more common in the pandemic. Artists did sell their paintings there. Make sure to make an HD photo and if you can, then upload a short video of it as well. There is a second way to make money using your skills and that is by recording the whole process of painting and then putting the video on YouTube and with the passage of time, your channel will get monetized and you can earn good money even if your paintings don’t sell.

You can ask an influencer to populate about your art work. People follow and trust influencer and if you know a good one or you can request an influencer, they can help you out with it. You can make an account of websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and update a gig about your skills and any day soon, you will get queries about orders. If you are interested in making funny characters then you can opt for art book publishing. Kids love drawing books and you can make your own characters and let color them in whatever way they can.