Some Facts About HCG Drops Treatments For Weight Loss

The use of HCG hormones as a way for losing extra fat in the body is a fact. It has been one of the most effective treatments for losing extra fat, especially in obese condition. Obese is a medical condition when a person has an excessive fat accumulation in the body.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is protein based hormone   produced in a woman’s body during her pregnancy. The main function of the hormone is the nourishment and development of the fetus in the woman’s womb to a baby.

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hcgdietResearch has been actively conducted to deduce that the hormone with devised in a controlled manner and low dosages can help in shedding the extra weight in the human body. Though, the mechanism the body reacts to produce this result has not been established.

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The hormone is said to reduce almost 1pound of weight each day in a user. The hormone is used in different forms like HCG diet plans, HCG drops and HCG injections. However, HCG users must consult a doctor before usage for proper dosage and instructions.

HCG injections Has less advantages compared to HCG Drops:

HCG injections are devised for faster burning of fat in the body. Most people inject the prescribed dosage by themselves. However if symptoms like redness, pain, warmth, tingling feeling in arms or legs or dizziness is left contact a physician immediately.

Moreover, if suffering from an allergic reaction stop the usage immediately. Also, if suffering from serious medical conditions like an ovarian cyst, puberty, any cancer or disorders of the adrenal gland, the treatment must be avoided.

Use of HCG injections is barred in women breastfeeding a baby. Though the medication is approved by the FDA, it does give out a medical caution to use the product only under expert supervision.

Food to be eaten during the intake of HCG Drops:

The HCG drops are to be combined with a low calorie protein rich diet for the desired effect. You can have meat and but preferably boiled or grilled without any sign of oil or spices. You need to incorporate a lot of vegetable in the diet but leave out those with high starch content like a potato. Checkout best hcg drops analysis with stats at

Fruits are an essential part of the diet plan when using HCG injections. Have at least two types of fruit each day but restrict from having the sweet ones like mango. Have each of bread for lunch and one for dinner.

During this diet one can have as much of sugar-free tea or coffee as required. Only two tablespoons of milk are permitted in a day. However, one should have at least two liters of water every day. Incorporate a lot of lemon in your diet, it helps.

Foods to avoid during the intake of HCG Drops:

All oily and junk food should be avoided. Also restrict from cookies, ice creams or chocolates. Drinking is barred during this period.

The benefits of HCG drops:

Apart from making the body to lose weight it helps to improve the metabolism rate. It helps to incorporate energy and nutrients in the blood adding to the nutritious value of the body.